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The secret to our success is our teams. Each of our branches have a team of qualified staff members who are dedicated to the care of your child. They pride themselves on the strong bonds they build with each and every child and also the rewarding relationships established with parents. Our staff will work with you from day one to establish a safe and nurturing environment where your child is settled and secure, making Little Pumpkins Nursery an essential part of your child’s preparation for the world.

Each child is assigned a Key Worker whom they create a secure bond with. They are responsible for their emotional wellbeing and development and will plan activities suitable for their learning and development. Key Workers will provide daily feedback to parents about their child, giving parents a sense of security. Regular staff meetings provide opportunities for staff to undertake curriculum planning and to discuss their key children's progress and any difficulties. Each Key Worker is paired with a 'buddy' who takes on the role of the Key Worker during periods of absence such as holidays. 

At Little Pumpkins Nursery we provide all of our staff members with the opportunity to do appropriate training to update their skills and underpin their knowledge and understanding. There are a number of training courses run by the local authority which our staff members are encouraged to attend whenever possible. We believe that having a trained team can impact on the children’s learning and development as it allows them to reach their full potential. 

Little Pumpkins Nursery is a group of privately owned nurseries across South East London. We offer full and part-time placements for children aged 3 months to 5 years.

Children are accommodated in a bright homely day care centre by our caring experienced staff, creating a happy spacious environment to meet the needs and challenges of developing children.

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