Why Choose Little Pumpkins Nursery

Choosing the right nursery for your child can be difficult. Through transparency and honesty, we will help you make the right decision and find out exactly what makes us the premium childcare provider in South East London.

Little Pumpkins Nursery provides high quality childcare and early years education, giving priority to the developmental needs and happiness of our children and their families in a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment.

As part of this process we recognise and value the diverse community that we are part of, believing that quality can be achieved by working together in partnership with parents, Social Services, Local Early Years Development, carers and Ofsted.

Little Pumpkins Nursery childcare and education provision is firmly based on the following principles:

  • Every child is a unique individual
  • All children have skills and abilities that can be developed
  • The starting point of a child’s education is always what they can do, not what they cannot do
  • Children have the right to develop physically, socially, emotionally, morally and intellectually to their full potential
  • All children learn through first-hand experience, making sensory education an important part of our curriculum
  • Learning is holistic for young children
  • We pride ourselves on hand selecting some of the most caring, highly qualified staff in the area
  • Safe and clean premises with plenty of space for children to play and explore

When you visit Little Pumpkins Nursery, you and your child will instantly feel at home. Our staff will listen carefully to your questions and concerns, answering in detail to put your mind at ease.

Little Pumpkins Nursery will: 

  • Consult with you when planning your child’s care
  • Provide a positive, beneficial and happy experience with early childhood educators
  • Provide an atmosphere in which children can positively interact and develop social skills
  • Provide opportunities for decision making, by balancing child-directed and teacher-directed activities
  • Provide in depth activity programme which meets the physical, emotional, social, and cognitive needs of ALL children
  • Provide age appropriate, creative and engaging activities that encourage growth of the child’s developmental skills
  • Provide experiences which enhance leadership and independence

Little Pumpkins Nursery understand that working with children is a skilled and demanding task. Our teams are highly skilled and experienced in child care services so that we can ensure a top quality service that will accommodate every child’s needs.

Staff will: 

  • Respond to your child as an individual
  • Plan activities and play to help your child learn
  • Ensure your child is safe and secure at all times
  • Help aid your child’s understanding of everyday situations
  • Identify your child’s learning style to create a learning programme tailored to their needs
  • Communicate effectively with your child and also with you
  • Respect your family’s culture, religion and language
  • Be enthusiastic, helpful and caring towards your child at all times

A clean, comfortable and well-equipped environment is essential for a child’s happiness and well-being, so Little Pumpkins Nursery provides all of this and more.

Books, toys and age appropriate play equipment is available for every child to use. Most of this is within reach to the child which means they’re able to make an independent decision about what they want to do throughout the day.

A fresh, two-course meal is served to each child every lunchtime in accordance with the latest food hygiene rules. This comes along with a number of healthy drinks and snacks which are also available throughout the day.

Little Pumpkins Nursery offers each and every child: 

  • Bright, friendly and cheerful environment
  • Clean surroundings
  • Friendly atmosphere with children with age appropriate equipment
  • A dedicated key worker
  • A personal development programme, known as the Early Learning Goals

Staff at Little Pumpkins Nursery will always strive to make every child feel safe in our care, allowing for the best education and development of each and every child.

Every child is different and will learn at a different rate to the next, so we plan each activity with the individual needs of the child in mind. Activities are planned in advance of children’s arrival for the day and will always have their education and overall development in mind.

For a happy child, regularity and routine are exceptionally important. This will not only help them develop socially with other children in attendance, it’ll also ensure they’re calm at home because they understand what to expect on a day to day basis.

Little Pumpkins Nursery will provide plenty of encouragement for your child whatever their age, gender or abilities. We understand that, in a media-heavy world, children are easily influenced from a very young age, so we take extra care to ensure each and every child develops a strong self-belief, self-respect and also a deep respect for others.

It is our objective and vision to care for and educate our children, identify their full potential and to encourage them regularly to ensure they always have a belief in their own abilities.

Little Pumpkins Nursery is a group of privately owned nurseries across South East London. We offer full and part-time placements for children aged 3 months to 5 years.

Children are accommodated in a bright homely day care centre by our caring experienced staff, creating a happy spacious environment to meet the needs and challenges of developing children.

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