Our Food Menus

Every piece of food to be given to the children on our premises has been freshly prepared in our dedicated nursery kitchen. We provide a healthy well balanced diet and welcome any suggestions from parents. The meals we serve include:

  • Breakfast – A range of non-sugared cereals, whole meal toast, water and milk
  • Lunch – A two-course, hot meal consisting of meat (protein), vegetables (vitamins and minerals) and potato, pasta or rice (carbohydrate) and a fruit-based, light dessert
  • Snacks – A selection of dried fruit, breadsticks, rice cakes and a drink
  • Drinks – Both water and milk are available to children throughout the day. In order to lessen sugar intake and maintain healthy teeth, we do not offer juice at any time

* We cater for vegetarians/vegans and special diets. * Water is available throughout the day and served at meal times.

Click below to see examples of our weekly lunch menus: 

Little Pumpkins Nursery is a group of privately owned nurseries across South East London. We offer full and part-time placements for children aged 3 months to 5 years.

Children are accommodated in a bright homely day care centre by our caring experienced staff, creating a happy spacious environment to meet the needs and challenges of developing children.

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