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We’re recognised for our dedication to healthy eating; Little Pumpkins is committed to providing healthy, nutritional and balanced meals, snacks and drinks to your child in order to provide and maintain the energy they need for a busy day of learning and development. 

Our menus are planned in advance and freshly prepared each day by our nursery chefs. Our menus also change regularly to ensure that the children get to try new foods, flavours and textures on a regular basis.

As well as a wholesome breakfast and hearty two course lunch, healthy morning and afternoon snacks, along with drinks throughout the day, are also available.

A healthy and varied diet is key to a happy, energetic child, which is why we serve hearty, home-cooked meals to our children every day.

We believe that educating children about food is also an exceptionally important part of their learning and development. For that reason, we don’t just provide healthy balanced meals, we provide them with the opportunity to learn about exactly what they’re eating as well as encouraging the use of manners and food etiquette.

Our menus are displayed inside each of our nurseries on a daily basis. If your child has any specific dietary requirements, whether based on allergies, medical conditions, religion or cultural requirements, don’t hesitate to let us know. Our nursery managers will be able to discuss this with you in order to come up with a tailored menu suited to their needs.

Little Pumpkin’s is a group of privately owned nurseries across Lee and South Norwood, South East London. We offer full and part-time placements for children aged 3 months to 5 years.

Children are accommodated in a bright homely day care centre by our caring experienced staff, creating a happy spacious environment to meet the needs and challenges of developing children.

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