Pumpkins Room

4 - 5 years

Our Pumpkins room marks the final year of the Little Pumpkins Nursery curriculum, which has been specifically designed to ensure your child develops and learns at the expected rate in order to prepare them for a lengthy and successful school career. Our professional learning programme is dedicated to ensuring that your child has academic basics they need.

By the time they leave us and embark on their school career, your child will be ready to read, socially interact, have an understanding of the world and have a basic understanding of maths and science.

  • Reading – We ensure that children are fully equipped with the vocabulary and language skills necessary to develop a love of reading and a desire to learn
  • Maths and science – By encouraging curiosity and interest, we develop a growing fascination with the relationships and forces that exist within the world
  • Social skills – From the very beginning of your child’s Little Pumpkins Nursery experience, their listening skills, self-discipline and patience will all be developed in order to ensure they can communicate with others effectively to solve real world problems

Little Pumpkins Nursery is a group of privately owned nurseries across South East London. We offer full and part-time placements for children aged 3 months to 5 years.

Children are accommodated in a bright homely day care centre by our caring experienced staff, creating a happy spacious environment to meet the needs and challenges of developing children.

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